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Go Assessment - Team Leader

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Go Assessment - Team Leader


This report combines a battery of assessments to provide a global picture of the key competencies related to a team leader role (e.g., supervision, team management, coordination, etc.). Specifically, a cognitive test and three personality inventories are used to highlight the strengths and development areas of the individual being assessed on a set of key competencies related to the target position. In addition, the report describes the ways in which the individual tends to react to stressful situations (i.e., risk factors). Advice to the organization on how to onboard the individual and priorities for the development of the individual are included. The report also provides behavioral questions to dig deeper into the expression of competencies with the individual. Finally, a candidate report excluding the behavioral questions can be given to the individual being assessed.

Frequently asked questions

What is a talent assessment?

A talent assessment is a series of activities to understand and predict an individual’s performance based on their work style, knowledge, skills, strengths, potential areas for improvement, job fit and task preferences.

Why use a talent assessment?

Talent assessments are crucial in helping organizations make better talent management decisions (hiring, coaching, promotion, job fit, etc.) because they go further than hard skills or experience.

How does a talent assessment work?

The talent assessments distributed by Pixonality comprise specific bundles of online questionnaires to be answered by an individual. They can complete those questionnaires when and where they want, as long as they have an internet connection. Once the individual has answered all the questionnaires for their assessment, a report is automatically generated and sent to you by email (you can also access it through your account).

What is the difference between questionnaire language and report language?

The assessment language is the language chosen by the individual who will be assessed for the completion of the questionnaires.
The report language is the language in which the report will be generated, regardless of the language chosen for the assessment.
You may notice that some languages available for reports are not necessarily available for the assessments, and vice versa!

After obtaining a report, how long are the psychometric results valid for?

The validity is psychometric results are estimated to last for approximately 24 months. An individual typically will not display any significant change on a questionnaire performed twice within less than 24 months. Therefore, it is recommended to wait that period before asking them to complete the same questionnaire again.

What is a workshop?

Workshops provide essential information on how to use these assessments, how to interpret the results and how to provide feedback to the assessed individual.

Why attend a workshop?

Workshops help users become more comfortable using talent assessments. They also help them avoid common mistakes when interpreting the results and sharing them with the assessed individual. In some cases, a workshop might be deemed necessary by the talent assessment provider (thus, obligatory before purchasing some of their assessments).

How do workshops work?

Some workshops are held in person, some are online and live, and others are available on demand online. Once you have signed up to attend in a workshop, you will be able to assign the participant (yourself or another individual) in My Account.

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