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Assessio is a Swedish company that has been developing, adapting and optimizing assessment tools since 1954. The well-established credibility and predictive value of its assessment solutions have led to lasting partnerships with clients on the international market.
With a passion for psychometrics, Assessio’s experts offer clients predictive tools that meet market needs. Using both theory and data analysis, these experts have developed psychometric assessments that predict the ability to learn in a changing environment and measure the propensity to maintain integrity in settings where security is paramount. Pixonality has formed a partnership with Assessio, because the company has demonstrated its rigor and added value on the international market with tools that have been translated into over 25 languages.
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For over 20 years, the Canadian company EPSI has been harnessing the expertise of human resource management and organizational psychology specialists to offer effective assessment solutions that integrate recent trends in psychometric assessment.
EPSI offers clients a multitude of simulations and inventories that assess cognitive aptitude, personality, managerial habits and technical habits, providing an overview of the individual assessed. Pixonality distributes EPSI solutions because the company offers clients online solutions that generate significant returns on investment. Studies have demonstrated the ability of its tools to predict performance and reduce turnover in many sectors, including finance, federal agencies and the health care network.
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In the 1970s, Hogan established itself as a pioneer in psychometric assessments by creating the first personality inventories to predict job performance. Since then, Hogan’s footprint has gone global: almost 2 million tests have been conducted in over 50 countries.
Hogan’s psychometric tools generate a well-rounded portrait of the individual assessed, taking into account their day-to-day behaviour, values, reactions to stressful situations and reasoning style. To help clients take full advantage of the wealth of information available in assessment reports, certifications are offered around the world to small, medium-sized and large companies. Pixonality distributes Hogan solutions because, with over 40 years of experience, the company has developed psychometric tools that deliver scientifically demonstrated added value to HR processes and that are recognized by thousands of clients, among which 75% of Fortune 500 companies.
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Humance is a Canadian company that has specialized for almost 40 years in potential assessment. It has over 700 major national and international clients and conducts over 3,000 one-on-one potential assessments annually. Its client focus and R&D expertise have enabled it to develop psychometric tools that meet market needs.
Humance’s psychometric services and tools are based on the expertise of over 100 experts and partners. With innovation as one of its core values, Humance uses the power of organizational psychology to develop and propose creative assessment solutions that meet the changing needs of clients. Pixonality distributes Humance’s solutions because of the company’s expertise in assessment and R&D, which has helped it make its mark nationally and internationally by supporting selection and development processes.
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Pearson is a British company founded in 1844 that has a broad portfolio of psychometric tools backed by over 100 years of scientific evidence and the efforts of over 35,000 employees around the world.
Pearson’s team of experts helps design tools that assess cognitive aptitude, dimensions of personality and specific skills. Studies by research institutes support their ability to predict performance. Pixonality distributes Pearson solutions because the scientific rigor behind the company’s product lines is supported by close collaborations with prominent researchers and leaders in the field. To date, over 75 million people have placed their trust in Pearson products.
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For over 50 years, the American company PSI has been developing psychometric tools and assessment programs that meet the needs of organizations, government institutes and professional associations. The talent of close to 2,000 experts allows PSI to occupy an enviable position on the international market, resulting in some 15 million assessments conducted in over 160 countries.
PSI offers clients a multitude of tools, such as aptitude and personality tests. Its catalogue of tests responds to the needs of a variety of industries, such as sales, public security, health and finance. Pixonality distributes PSI solutions because they have regularly contributed to the success of clients. Close to a third of Fortune 100 companies and dozens of government agencies have recognized the added value of PSI assessments in their selection process.
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SHL is a British company founded over 40 years ago. Its mission is to help organizations make decisions in complete confidence based on rigorous data and methods. To do this, it designs international-calibre psychometric assessment tools based on the latest scientific advances.
SHL offers clients psychometric tools based on fruitful partnerships with leaders in different market sectors that transform research data into concrete results. Pixonality distributes SHL solutions because the company helps recruit, manage and develop talent in more than 10,000 organizations in over 150 countries through its international expertise in assessment.
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Sigma has helped thousands of organizations succeed since 1967. It develops assessment solutions that allow clients to maximize return on investment in their selection process, enabling companies to reduce employee turnover by more than 50% in just one year.
Sigma’s psychometric tools meet a multitude of assessment needs, whether career orientation, employee selection and potential development. Pixonality distributes Sigma solutions because the company’s scientific rigor has been demonstrated in at least 4,500 scientific articles, and its added value has been shown with over 8,500 clients and 5 million psychometric assessments.
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Wonderlic is an American company that offers a library of diverse assessments that support every step in the employee selection process. Since 1930, Wonderlic has met the needs of over 75,000 organizations and institutions.
Using a scientific approach, Wonderlic empirically validates its psychometric tools, increasing confidence among small and large companies. The credibility of its tools has been repeatedly demonstrated in studies by independent researchers that have shown their ability to predict job performance. Pixonality distributes Wonderlic solutions, because with over 80 years of history and 200 million assessments conducted, the company has contributed to growth in many organizations.
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