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Pixonality helps you and your organization take on challenges related to talent retention, employee turnover, succession planning and optimizing productivity by uniting talent assessment solutions in one place.

Pixonality brings together talent assessment solutions from multiple providers to its one-of-a-kind online store, whether in the form of assessments, workshops or platforms.

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Pixonality's team consists of passionate and customer-oriented experts in the fields of talent management, organizational psychology and consulting.

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Pixonality aims to provide autonomy whether it be in choosing and assigning the talent assessment solutions or in interpreting the results.


Pixonality focuses on simplifying information and sharing knowledge to help you easily understand complex and specific concepts.


Every decision matters and has consequences. Pixonality seeks to provide recommendations that help you make decisions that improve your organization's productivity.

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Reduce the odds of making a bad hire, promoting less suitable talents or less dedicated resources, and efforts that will not lead to improved performances. Join the rest of our customers in using our tried and tested assessment solutions to apply recommendations and receive talent-specific advice.

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Pixonality assists you and your organization in finding the right assessment for your talent-related objectives, whether they are related to hiring, organizational development, coaching, promotion, or career management. Our one-stop-shop allows you to find the right talent assessment, assign it, and quickly obtain the results online.

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Save time and money by finding and comparing all the solutions that match your needs in one place. We have gathered a variety of talent assessment solution providers so you don’t have to consult them individually.