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Notice - New Humance Go Assessments

We are pleased to inform you that Humance, one of our assessment providers, has recently updated its Go assessment solution. The improvements include reduced completion time and a more user-friendly platform. Users will have access to even more accurate and nuanced results from our updated algorithm.

Overview of Humance’s new Go assessment:

• Approximately 90 minutes to complete
• Increased autonomy thanks to more detailed and intuitive content
• All Go assessments include behavioural questions and avenues for development and onboarding
• Incorporation of equity and inclusion of diversity principles
• Access to the full sequence of assessments on our new platform for a seamless participant experience

What can existing Go assessment clients expect?

As of May 31, Humance’s Go assessments will only be available on our new assessment management platform.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us. You can also consult our FAQ – Humance Go Assessment.