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Webinar : Master Advanced Interpretation Techniques

Webinar [EN]

Master Advanced Interpretation Techniques.

Maximizing interpretive value across the three Hogan inventories.

This webinar has passed but you can view the recording below : click here.

Once again, Pixonality invites you to join our Hogan expert, Anica Zarac, for a webinar that will help you level up your Hogan game.
In this highly interactive and engaging webinar, we will review an actual case study and interpret a profile in an executive role.

Specifically, we will:

  • Review advanced interpretation techniques
  • Learn how to extract the maximum interpretive value from the main scales
  • Review how to use subscales to give nuance to your interpretation
  • Re-interpret results in context and synthesize data to personalize your interpretation

Hosted by:

Jag Nijjar
Business Development Director | Talent Assessment & Onboarding.
Jag is dedicated to client success, with an extensive background in the human resources industry. He works with organizations to identify and unleash big data using tools that predict performance and helping leaders in hundreds of organizations develop and grow.



Anica Zarac
Senior Consultant and Coach | Talent Assessment & Onboarding
Anica Zarac is an organizational psychologist whose work primarily involves leadership assessment and development. Her professional experience includes helping leaders gain self-awareness using psychometric tools and 360 assessments; developing and facilitating trainings and workshops; and coaching individuals and groups. As a senior trainer, Anica facilitates certifications and trainings nationwide. In addition to specializing in conducting leadership development workshops, she has developed an expertise in training HR professionals on topics such as personality assessment, interviewing skills, and competency-based methodologies. She has experience in the construction and validation of assessment tools used in organizational contexts (including the development of structured interview guides for high-volume selection) and is one of Humance’s senior experts on the Hogan suite of tools.


For those who wish to view the webinar recording, it is now available on YouTube or here :